Sales Lead

Bentonville, AR | Full-Time


The Ledger is a bikeable office building designed for flexibility and interaction, serving as a catalyst for community engagement.  It is a space that cultivates shared experiences, fosters human connections, and is a hub for innovation. Anchored in Downtown Bentonville, the Ledger is the perfect balance of work and play. 

Who We Are:

We are a group of diverse doers brought together by our desire to create impact in our community.  We are passionate about creating a welcoming experience, connecting with our team and clients, and driving profitability through efficient and productive operations. 

How We Invest in Our People:

  • Thoughtful compensation packages 
  • Wellness benefits (Medical, Dental,and Vision)
  • Responsible reimbursements (if you use your cellphone for work, we pay for it!) 
  • Community participation (memberships to epic places to connect with the community)
  • Performance-based financial incentives 

What You Bring to The Team:

  • Eagerness to learn
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves mindset
  • Confidence with computers and software: Google suites, Zoom, Scheduling tools, etc.
  • Experience in hospitality
  • Excellent multitasking skills 
  • Strong organizational ability, time management and detail orientation
  • Positive and professional attitude
  • Strong writing/communications skills and phone etiquette
  • Integrity, credibility, and commitment to company mission

What you will be doing:

*we believe every person brings new and creative ideas that can shape their role and responsibilities  

You will be measured on your ability to achieve and maintain building occupancy in line with sales targets. Primarily responsible for making sure we sustain Ledger’s growth by focusing on the value propositions, product offerings, and member experiences. Working to understand the voice of the customer to ensure we capture the intended audience and focus new initiatives that enable growth for our members. 

  • Tour and sell space to new members by articulating value proposition and mission
  • Identify the needs of prospective and existing members and recommend tailored solutions responsive to their needs
  • Research prospective members in your tour pipeline and develop tailored sales pitches to meet their needs, ensuring all follow-up and closing requirements are addressed
  • Develop and implement lead generation and sales conversion strategies to maintain high occupancy
  • Connect with local organizations and attend networking events to promote Ledger’s community and identify potential members
  • Train team to give effective tours and sales pitches for those occasions when you are unavailable to tour
  • Prepare daily and weekly overviews/reports of prospective members 
  • Establish and maintain sales playbook and update best practices and policies 

Everyone on The Team Will: 

  • Make recommendations regarding best practices for the benefit of the broader company, including but not limited to community management, sales, hospitality, operations, events and training
  • Know and explain the Ledger policies and procedures
  • Know and recommend local restaurants, food delivery services, catering options, team outing venues, post office, shipping center, supply store, etc
  • Identify and execute opportunities to connect members with each other
  • Consistently celebrate members’ successes and milestones through gifts and notes
  • Develop relationships with members and proactively gather information on their needs to identify member services / partnerships that could help them achieve their goals