Why you chose to be a member at Ledger?

Our team was expanding and we were out of space at our corporate office in Lowell. As Ledger was being built I had a chance to meet the Ledger team, understand just how “bike friendly” it really was and get a feel for what a co-working space would be like as a member. I LOVE Ledger. It makes me happen to walk in the building. I love the environment and the energy. I’ve meet some really cool people in the short time I have been a member. Like a guy that works as a temporary CFO and a rancher that helps companies manage food supply chain.

Go to lunch spot in Bentonville?

This is very hard to answer. I love Sunny’s the food and people are great. Kobe Sushi probably gets as much of my weekly lunch as anyone. But…if there were no such thing as calories and I could eat anywhere for lunch; Italian Pizza with Jalapeños from Pedalers Pub.

Most memorable bike ride?

I get to do some really cool stuff on bikes. Probably a 100 mile ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway my friends. Wasn’t a race, just a good hard ride. We may have seen 3 cars. There were no driveways off the road. So beautiful.

Favorite meeting room in Ledger?

Favorite meeting room at Ledger is the Templeton. Mostly because the artist’s spouse is a very special person and every time I am in there I think of what she has done for our community.

Fun fact about you.

I grew up as a migrant worker and spent winters planting pine trees in Georgia: I have personally planted over 1.5 million trees. One year some friends and I caught a small alligator and I kept it as a pet for a while before we ate it. Just kidding; I set him free before we came home to Arkansas.

Say hello to Victor next time you are in the office and see him around.

*See picture proof of the alligator as well!

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