Our Story

A magical thing happens when you bring people together to solve a problem.

Northwest Arkansas is becoming a destination, not just for the traveler but for companies as well. With the affordability of a desirable lifestyle, it makes sense.

Ledger set out to equip Downtown Bentonville with office space to meet increasing demand. Knowing the office experience was evolving to an employee-first mindset, we started with a flexible workspace model that gives companies the ability to create their own workplace journey.

We realized the average employee spends a majority of their day within their work environment, and traditional workspaces created silos. These silos also consisted of underutilized resources and space.

After hearing from the community, it became clear: office space was not the only problem we needed to solve. Bentonville needs space for companies and the community. We needed to build a city center.

With shared spaces in mind, we developed the idea to focus on designing a building that checks multiple boxes.

A place to work for small and large companies

⬩Shared spaces for the evolution of the coffee shop worker

Reservable spaces to gather

Unparalleled design and architecture

Retail experiences for the community

Ledger is a Destination Workplace and a natural extension of the Bentonville community. We can’t wait to welcome you here!


Do It The Right Way

We think about the long-term impact, develop deep relationships, and put the human experience first. We never take shortcuts; we are building a Legacy, not hopping on a trend.

Meet The Needs

We unlock access to our space to cultivate dreams, innovation, connection, and so much more. We are not a silo. We are part of something bigger and are learning entities in our journey.

Be Good Stewards

We see what we have been gifted and are empowered to do the most good. We add to the ecosystem, contribute to the community, and build on the beauty that is NWA.

Mission & Vision


To offer unparalleled space as a service to individuals and companies. We use technology to give our community easy access to Ledger’s services, and we offer experiences and tools that set our community up for success.


We strive to build an ecosystem that gives access to space as a service and experience by meeting the community’s need for flexibility, diversity, and convenience.

The Name

The name Ledger came from balancing the art of work and play, the tool that reflects what is happening in business, and is inspired by the regional rock ledges and landscape.