six stories of bikeable ramps

Switchbacks in Bentonville

What does bikeable mean?

 Glad you asked. Ledger features 6 stories of bikeable ramps that take you from the ground floor to the roof. Anyone can bike or walk the ramp during business hours.

There and Back

Ledger fits into Bentonville’s biking ecosystem as a challenging and memorable ride.

A journey from the first floor to the roof is approximately 3/4 of a mile, which happens to be the same distance to Crystal Bridges.

Along the way, you can spot artwork and enjoy incredible photo ops.

Bike to Work

Ledger has bike-friendly amenities for members to make biking to work easy and enjoyable. Parking is also available in the adjacent parking garage.

Secure bike storage for peace of mind during the workday.

eBike charging to keep your battery full and ready to go.

On-site showers on each floor so you can bike to work even on the hottest days.

Bikers Refresh lounge with lockers for gear, water bottle stations, changing rooms, and amenities to help you freshen up.

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