Ledger FAQ

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General FAQ

What are the building hours?

Workplace Hours: Monday–Friday 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.* 

*Unless membership states otherwise.

Is the building open to the public?

The first floor has public access during lobby hours. The bike ramps are accessible during recreation hours.

Can anyone use the bikeable ramps?

The ramps are open to the public during recreation hours*:
Seven days a week

*Weather Dependent

Can you bike inside of the building?

No. However, you can bike through the breezeway, directly across from 3rd Street, to enter the ramp. The breezeway also connects to a public park on the west side of the building.

Is there somewhere I can keep my bike during the day?

Yes, we have secure indoor bike storage available to members or to guests who purchase a day pass. There are also bike racks on the ramps and grounds, we will also have rentable bike locks.

Who is the parking garage for?

You! Private parking for Ledger members is an add-on. Daily parking is available to the public. More information can be found here.

How do I get an office?

Connect with someone on our sales team!

Who do I contact about leasing retail space? 

Email: [email protected]

Workplace FAQ

What do the different memberships mean?

Day Pass: Entry-level day pass available to the public. Allows access during business hours.

Member Day Pass: Discounted rate for members with office space. Allows guest access during business hours.

Hybrid Member: Add-on membership for office space that reaches max capacity. Available at all hours.

Hot Desk: Non-reserved workstations available to members on a first-come basis during business hours.

Dedicated Desk: Reserved workstation available at all hours.

Office Share: Secure, reserved workstation available at all hours.

Private Office: Move-in ready, fully furnished offices and suites with member perks and credits included. available at all hours.

Flex+ Office: Move-in ready, fully furnished flexible offices and suites with member perks and credits included. Available at all hours.

How does access work for day passes?

You will be given temporary access to the open desk and common areas of the building during business hours only.

Can I bring guests without a day pass?

Members are allowed 3 guests for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.

How will guests of members be able to move around the building?

Guests will be required to stay with the member they are visiting for the entire duration of the visit. A guest and their access to space is the full responsibility of the hosting member.

What comes in a furnished, move-in ready office?

The office comes outfitted with Herman Miller sit-stand hydraulic desks, Herman Miller stools or chairs (your choice), and a power pack equipped with two outlets, one USB and one USB-C. We also have à la carte  add-on options to meet your office needs.

What are member credits?

Ledger gives you back part of your membership fees, which can be used for bookable space and printing services. You can also find this in the membership agreement.

Does a member have priority to bookable space throughout the building?

Members have early access to the bookable space at a discounted price. (Sweet perk. 😊 )

Am I able to shower on site?

Yes! Showers are available to members.

How long are membership terms?

Membership terms start at month-to-month commitments. Longer commitments unlock discounted rates.

What are the policies on ending a membership early?

Please refer to our membership agreement.

How are membership fees charged?

The invoice is posted on the 25th of the current month. Ledger will automatically charge your preferred member payment method, as discussed in our membership agreement.

What payment methods do you accept?

ACH account is preferred and will have no processing fees. Credit cards will be subject to an additional processing fee.

How do I get mail?

Use the building’s address with your desk number or suite number. You will be notified upon receipt, and mail and package can be claimed at the reception desk. Ledger holds mail and packages for 14 days.

I would like to have my company logo/branding in my space. Is that possible?

Ledger will have (one) professionally installed logo on the office suite door. Additional branding is subject to Ledger Operations approval.

Bookable Space FAQ

What is the capacity of the meeting rooms?

Rooms range from 4-person to 66-person.

I am interested in using a kitchen or bar space. Is that available?

Yes! We have a bookable catering kitchen, a prep/demo kitchen, and our 6th floor bar.

How do I book a meeting room or one of the other spaces?

Online booking is available, check our spaces out here!

What’s included in your Coffee Service?

1 pot of coffee, cups, whole milk, oat milk, and sugar for 10 people.

How much is your coffee service?

$40 per 10 people. 

What’s included in your in room beverage service?

1 pot of coffee, cups, whole milk, oat milk, almond milk, sugar, ice water, hot water, and tea for 20 people.

How much is the in-room beverage service?

$60 per 20 people.

 How do I order the coffee service?

You pre-order when booking your room. To do so select the coffee service as an added amenity before finalizing your reservation. Additionally, you can order when you check in at reception or anytime throughout your meeting by texting the main line your room number and amount of pots desired (479-579-9644) 

Do you have tea as an option?

Yes, we provide a pot of hot water as well as Green and Earl Grey tea that is included in the In-Room Beverage Service or can be added on for $20 per 10 people to your reservation. 

What kind of coffee is served?

We brew Airship coffee.  

What if I want more than black coffee?

Airship Coffee has their full menu at their coffee bar located on the First Floor.

What if I have tech issues in my meeting room?

Ledger offers on-site staff for tech support. They are available to assist with technical issues for Ledger Tech and AV equipment. If a problem arises, text (479) 579-9644 and tell us which meeting room you are in. A Guest Experience team member will be with you shortly to help resolve the issue.

Technology FAQ

What’s at a printer station?

The stations will be equipped with printers and basic office supplies.

What type of printers do you have?

Ledger has 3 printing stations with printing speeds equal to 70 pages per minute for both black and white and color. Printing capabilities include, but are not limited to, print, scan, and copy. 

How does printing work?

We offer cloud-based printing. The print job is not released to the printer until the user is at the printer and unlocks that specific print job on that specific printer. Users can use member credits or pay as you go.

Can a guest print?

Yes, printing is pay as you go.

Are the offices equipped with AV or TVs?

Ledger has rentable rolling carts that will be equipped with TV/AV that can be used in offices. The majority of bookable meeting rooms come with AV/TV already provided for conference calls.

Does Ledger have monitors for rent?

Yes! Monitors are available to rent from the community team.

Can I have a separate SSID for my office suite?

Absolutely. This is a one-time setup project cost plus a monthly fee.

Are hardwired connections available in an office suite?

Yes, all office suites are prepped for direct lines connected to the server room. This is a one time project cost, plus a monthly service fee.

Can I have a private wired network?

Yep! This is a one time project cost and a pass-through service fee.

Can I have private wired network services and have server space in the server room? 

You betcha! This is a one time project cost and a pass-through service fee.

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