Ledger makes it fun to be a member! Check out the community perks a membership at Ledger provides!

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Airship Coffee

Flash your badge to receive a 10% member discount, or bring your reuseable Airship + Ledger branded mug for 15% off.

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The Hub

Flash your badge for 15% off at the HUB


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Hudson / Hawk

Save $5 on your first visit, and enjoy 20% off any products instore.

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Botanic Plant Co.

Visit their store located in downtown Bentonville and flash your badge for 15% off your purchase.


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Old Town Cleaners

Old Town offers drop up and pick up services to members

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Ozark Apparel

Enjoy a 30% discount on the Ledger collection at Ozark Apparel, ask the Member team for your discount code.


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Ask the Member team how to take advantage of a 15% off discount at Specialized.

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Spring Creek Food Hub

Email [email protected]  to start picking up a weekly
drop-off of delicious local farmer’s produce at Ledger.


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Enjoy 30% off anything on their website, email [email protected] for redemption code

member programming

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Trail Mix Tuesday

Join us every Tuesday from 2-4 pm for different themed trail mixes each week. Grab a cup, and fill it up!

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Meals with Ledger

Enjoy lunch with familiar faces and new faces this season every other Wednesday our team will bring you a new meal to enjoy with cohorts.

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Thursday Happy Hour

Every other Thursday join us from 3-5 pm for a Ledger happy hour. Location changes, so be on the look out for our next one!

You need it? we got you.

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Tech Check Out

Forgot your charger at home? Ask the community team to check out from our tech library.

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Shower Amenities

Showers live on the second floor south side restrooms and are equipped with everything from towels to shampoo. Don’t see it? Ask our team, we probably have it.

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Rainy Day Fixes

Don’t get caught in the rain, check out one of our umbrellas from the community team.


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Mother's Room

The perfect space for breastfeeding moms, equipped with all of the necessities for pumping comfortability.

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Printing Nooks

Copy that! Ledger has 3 printing nooks located throughout the first and second floor, print wirelessly from anywhere in the building at ease.

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Wellness Room

Created with your wellness in mind. Utilize this space for meditation, tele health sessions, prayers, and more.


Member Spotlight: Lee Anne Stelte

  What is your go to activity in NWA? Swimming laps at Blake St. Why did you choose to be a member of Ledger? Being in interior design, I felt like what better office building could I possibly be in to showcase great architecture, art, and design than the Ledger...

Member Spotlight: National Bike Month

PeopleForBikes promotes bikes as a solution for health, community connection, economy, and the environment. They work with government officials at all levels to prioritize and improve biking infrastructure, legislation and opportunities, planning for the future with a...

Member Spotlight: Sean Davis

How long have you lived in NWA? I am coming up on two years in NWA. Why did you get an office with Ledger? Finding office space that serves as a community hub but also an incubator for creativity and networking was important to us. The look and feel of the building...

Member Spotlight: Shara McMurtrey

What is your go to outdoor activity in NWA? It depends on the goal… I LOVE to be on my road bike when it’s above 55° and dry (‘cause, you know.. that wind chill) and running in all temps (thanks to Mike Rush and the Bentonville Half Training Program)… but if we are...

Member Spotlight: Victor Gurel

Why you chose to be a member at Ledger? Our team was expanding and we were out of space at our corporate office in Lowell. As Ledger was being built I had a chance to meet the Ledger team, understand just how “bike friendly” it really was and get a feel for what a...