Meikel Church
The Pajama King

 Ledger Bentonville
“The Church”
South Side Printer Station


Meikel S. Church is a North Little Rock, Arkansas based collage/mixed- media artist who challenges concepts of perception through his artwork. Meikel started creating collage in 2013 and quickly became addicted to the absurdity of taking found images, mostly from old books and magazines, and reimagining the meaning and context of the original intent. Meikel is drawn to old, stained, worn, rusted, and torn images. These imperfect images are really about life and living. The creative possibilities are endless. The main themes of Meikel’s work are hello’s, and goodbye’s in all of their glorious incarnations.


The theme of this collection is the past as it happened, as we see it today, and how it will look in the future before it fades away completely. Collage, for me, is about change. Taking an image, removing it from its surroundings, placing it somewhere new, and reimagining its context, and meaning.


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