Member Spotlight: National Bike Month

May 17, 2023

PeopleForBikes promotes bikes as a solution for health, community connection, economy, and the environment. They work with government officials at all levels to prioritize and improve biking infrastructure, legislation and opportunities, planning for the future with a broad and inclusive vision.

Progressive Trail Design is a leading trail-building company that designs, constructs, and maintains sustainable and innovative trails for a variety of users and purposes. They combine technical expertise, creativity, and passion to create trails that enhance the natural environment, respect the landowners and users’ needs, and provide safe and enjoyable experiences. Progressive Trail Design collaborates with communities, organizations, and stakeholders to develop custom solutions and realize their vision for trail systems that promote health, recreation, tourism, and conservation.

Specialized is a leading brand in the cycling industry, driven by a passion for bikes and a belief that bicycles can change people’s lives. They innovate and create high-quality products that enhance the rider experience and contribute to a healthier, happier world. Specialized is committed to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, and collaborates with communities, athletes, and advocates to promote cycling as a sport, a lifestyle, and a solution to global challenges.

USA Cycling Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports American cycling athletes and programs. They provide financial assistance, training, and resources to help athletes achieve their goals and represent the US in national and international competitions. The foundation also promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in cycling, and invests in grassroots initiatives to develop the sport and inspire future generations. Through partnerships and donations, USA Cycling Foundation strives to make cycling accessible and impactful for all.

Vittoria Tires‘ mission is to create the most advanced bicycle tires in the world by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and distinctiveness. They pursue the next technology, design, and material to improve their products’ quality, performance, grip, durability, speed, and puncture resistance. Their motto, “The Ride Ahead,” represents their commitment to continuously raising the bar and making a difference in riders’ experiences. Vittoria uses optimistic, passionate, expert, and curious language to create synergies with all stakeholders.

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