Bookable Cancellation Policy

To Cancel Bookings:

Email: [email protected]
Call: (479) 579-9644
Cancel in the member portal

Refunds and Cancellation fees for 4 Person, 6 Person, and 10 Person meeting rooms:

> 48+ Hours before check-in: Full Refund
< 48 Hour window of check-in: 50% of total fees refunded


Refunds and Cancellations for Boardrooms (14 Person), Brannon, Morriseey, Classroom, Multipurpose, and Project Rooms:

> 2 Weeks before check in: Full Refund
< 2 Week window of check in: 50% of total fees refunded
< 48 Hour window: Forefeit full cost of space

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather (such as severe storms, heavy snowfall, or any other extreme weather conditions) that pose a safety risk or significant travel disruptions, the following policy will apply:

1. Notification Period: Reservations affected by poor weather conditions can be canceled or rescheduled.

2. Notification Process: To cancel or reschedule a meeting room reservation due to inclement weather, email [email protected] or call (479) 579-9644.

3. Waived Charges: Under these circumstances, a full refund will be issued, and cancelation fees will be waived.

4: Rebooking: Efforts will be made to accommodate rescheduling meetings to an available day and time based on the needs of the booking party, subject to availability.

5. Fair Usage: This policy is designed to accommodate unforeseen weather-related circumstances and prioritize the safety and needs of our guests. It is intended for genuine inclement weather concerns and may not be applicable for situations deemed unrelated to weather condition.


** Please note that this policy may be subject to change. Any updates or modifications will be communicated

Updated 2.19.2024