Member Spotlight: Lee Anne Stelte

Jul 6, 2023 | Uncategorized, Member Spotlight


What is your go to activity in NWA?

Swimming laps at Blake St.

Why did you choose to be a member of Ledger?

Being in interior design, I felt like what better office building could I possibly be in to showcase great architecture, art, and design than the Ledger building?

Go to lunch spot in Bentonville?

Table Bakery on Central. I love to grab a sandwich or something from the case that they make fresh and sit in the window while people watching.

Do you have a favorite meeting room at Ledger?

The Chicken Coop… It’s large with great windows, and just a great space for my client meetings!

Fun fact about you.

I was on QVC in my mid twenties selling a product I created. It sold out in 4 minutes!

Say hello to Lee Anne next time you are in the office and see her around.

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