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Q: Where do guests park?
A: We offer up to 300 onsite spots within the Ledger garage to rent.

Q: Do you require security?
A: Yes, if you serve alcohol, or the event has over 300 attendees sercuirty is required. Side note: Ledger has the right to require security for an reason as well as they see fit. 

Q: How do I schedule a tour?
A: Send us an email [email protected] to schedule a tour.

Q: Do you hold dates?
A: To secure a date, a contract must be signed, and deposit paid. 

Q: Do you provide tables and chairs?
A: In furnished areas yes, what you see if what is you get. Our large event space does not come with furniture. A list of vendors can be given to help procure tables, chairs, linens, etc. 

Q: Is alcohol allowed at the venue?
A: Alcohol is allowed. Other restrictions apply.

Q: Do you require a licensed bartender?
A: Sure do. Side note: Ledger has the right change their stance on this at an given time for any reason. 

Q: Can I bring my coordinator, DJ, florist, grandma, etc. out to visit the space so they can see where I’m hosting the event?
A: Each renter is allotted two scheduled visits before date of event. You are allowed to bring whomever is needed to help execute your event. 

Q: Who does the cleaning?
A: Ledger has onsite cleaning staff. Renter will pay for the time and materials to clean after the event. The renter is responsible for removing all their belongings, any leftover food, decor, etc. and to place all trash in trash bags and into the trash barrel. All events and cleaning must conclude before midnight. Side note: the contract has additional details.

Q: How long do I have access to the event space?
A: This is dependentent on the length of time you book the space. Side note: your contract will have all the details on in and out times.

Q: Does Ledger provide staffing?
A: Ledger staff will be present upon arrival, set up, during the event, and load out. For any needs during the event the Renter is to call or text 479-579-9644. Ledger staff will not run content for programs, direct guests, bus service, or trash cleanup during or after the event.
*It is recommended to have a designated planner to assign these duties for day of execution. 

Q: Do you have catering minimums?
A: Ledger has an open catering policy. The caterer is required to have paperwork on file. Ledger does not provide any supplies. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the freight elevator?
A:Height: 9’4” X Width: 6’ X Depth 8’4”

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