LEDGER STORIES: 3 Things To Expect At Ledger

Sep 20, 2022 | Ledger Stories

Ledger: a workspace in the heart of Downtown Bentonville where 230,000 square feet of community and co-working collide.

Ranging in offerings from private offices, bookable and shared spaces and retail, Ledger offers a work environment to meet the needs of virtually any individual. But Ledger is SO much more than a workspace — Ledger is built for experience.

An Incredible Art Journey

The Ledger building itself is an architectural anomaly. From our scaling bike ramps zig-zagging along the building’s east side to the largely glass exterior speckled with copper-like paneling, the structural beauty of Ledger is unmatched and the first of its kind. Despite how awe-inspiring the building itself is, the entire structure of Ledger will be woven with incredible art throughout. Continuing the notability of the NWA area for exemplary art, Ledger has partnered with curator CACHE to feature 35 local artists. The local art in varied mediums will be displayed in nooks, public areas and even our meeting rooms which have been designated to represent individual artists. Not to mention our largest art installation in partnership with Oz Art and Stefan Sagemeister features 95 mosaic critters climbing our ramps carrying gemstones to spell out an important message on the 6th floor terrace (learn more about their story here). Oh and the view? That’s a masterpiece in itself that we can’t take credit for, but are determined to optimize in every way. All that said, the art aspect of Ledger is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

A Biker’s Paradise

Ledger was designed to be an extension of the NWA biking community. As the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World”, Bentonville has earned a place on the map for professionals and enthusiasts alike to have a field day (quite literally) among endless miles of trails. Ledger entering the Downtown Bentonville scene will allow a communal funnel for bikers that compliments the local community with ease and accessibility. Aside from our most obvious draw of 6 stories of public bikeable ramps, we will also offer secure bike storage and showers to our members to help ease and encourage bikeable commuting. The building will be intersected by a public breezeway (perfectly aligned with downtown’s 3rd street) leading to a new Downtown Bentonville park off the rear of the property. The breezeway also acts as an entryway for the ramps but not without first offering accessibility to the bike-up coffee window (priorities).  Last but not least, the breezeway is the entry point to one of our largest retail spaces, the Specialized Experience Center. Specialized will offer a place for bikers to connect, experience demos, shop or join weekly group rides. When we say the words ‘Bikers Paradise’, we don’t take that lightly– Ledger will make your little biker heart pitter patter.

Quality Coffee

Last but not least, one thing we at Ledger were sure to not overlook was the importance of a quality cup of coffee. Joe, mud, java, bean juice — whatever you want to call it, we are here for it. And we have it. Lots of it. Our first floor Winter Garden will be home to the newest location of Airship Coffee, just waiting to hand you your carefully crafted lumberjack latte for a morning on the patio.  When time is of the essence, you’ll even be able to walk or bike up to Airship’s  service window in the breezeway before your morning ramp trek. Beyond our public coffee shop, Ledger members will have access to bottomless (Airship) drip-coffee on tap. We can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.

We could go on and on about all the wonderful experiences we have in store, but we will humbly leave something to the imagination. Just know, the Ledger experience will be unlike any other— get ready to think outside the cubicle.



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