With six stories of exterior bike ramps and a breezeway that connects curb-to-curb with SE 3rd St., Ledger fits snugly into downtown Bentonville’s bike ecosystem. Below you’ll find everything you need to know for a safe visit!

Bike Ramp Hours

The bike ramps will be open during recreational hours unless inclement weather occurs.

Recreational Hours: Sunrise – Sunset (weather dependent)

If the bike ramps are closed outside of normal recreational hours, we may occasionally need to limit access but will make efforts to minimize these disruptions.

Safety on the Ramps

Always wear a helmet.

While riding up or down the ramps, be considerate of fellow riders and pedestrians. Just like you would on a bike trail, alert others if you are approaching from behind.

Ledger’s ramps are switchbacks, so be careful on the turns, especially as you’re riding back down to the ground level.

Refrain from trick riding. If you’d like to show off your skills, we recommend Orchards Park or trying out the more challenging trails at Slaughter Pen. You’re in Bentonville. You have options!

How to Enter the Bike Ramps

The bike ramps start on the west side of the building.

If approaching from the east side of the building, enter the main breeze way at the intersection of SE 3rd St. and S Main St.

If approaching from the west side of the building, you will be able to enter the breezeway through the city park next to the Downtown Activity Center on SW A St.

Bike Parking

If you are headed to an event or meeting on the 6th floor, we offer bike parking on the patio. All other bike parking for guests and the public is located at the S Main St. public racks.

What to Expect

Length to the top and back down: 3/4 of a mile.

Grade: Just under 5%

Patios: While ramps are public, the patios and terraces are for members of Ledger. There is a turn around area on the 6th floor patio.

Artwork: Keep an eye out for the building’s largest art installation as you ride up the ramps! Our critters are on a mission to create a special surprise at the top of the building. (You can’t miss it, promise.)

Views: Ledger’s bike ramps top out at the sixth floor, meaning you can see for miles! Pause at the top of the ramp for a view of the iconic Bentonville water tower, wave at the Momentary, and see what other local landmarks you can spot!

More Bike Ramp Facts

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