9 Fun Facts About Ledger’s Bike Ramps

Our crew is now pouring the top layer of concrete (a.k.a. the architectural layer) for Ledger’s bike ramps, and we couldn’t be more excited! The ramps make Ledger a truly unique work of architecture and a one-of-a-kind experience for the community and visitors alike.

To celebrate this milestone, here are 9 fun facts you can use to show off how much you know about what’s happening in Downtown Bentonville.

1. The bike ramps are technically rooftops.

To keep the building from blocking out the sky at street level, the ramps are stacked like stairs. This means each acts as a roof to the floor below it, which requires special considerations like insulation and leak detection systems. If a leak occurs or maintenance is required, a section of the concrete architectural layer can safely be removed for repairs.

Ledger breezeway to the bike ramps

2. You will be able to access the ramps through the main breezeway.

The breezeway is aligned curb-to-curb with 3rd street, so you can bike straight from the road and onto the ramps. Ledger’s retail shops and a coffee shop are also accessible in the breezeway.

3 . Something’s crawling up the ramps …

Ledger’s critters are the largest art installment (when it comes to quantity of pieces) in the building.

4. Ledger’s bike ramps are 3/4 of a mile ride to the top and back down again.

Not up for the ride? You can walk it, too. Ledger’s ramps will be open during business hours (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays), so you can get some fresh air on your lunch break or take a call while you walk.

5. The ramps pass a patio on each floor, allowing you to access any floor by bike.

If you are a Ledger workplace member, you can bike straight to your floor. Even better? You don’t have to worry about biking to work on hot days. Floors 2 through 6 are equipped with showers.

Ledger stadium seating under construction

6. The ramps lead to the sixth floor, where you’ll find stadium seating and amazing views of downtown Bentonville.

Take a breather and take in the views. The sixth floor patio and rooftop will also be event bookable. Reach out to start planning your event.

7. The ramp gradient is 5%.

On other words, for every 100 feet you go forward, you go up 5 feet. Shift down a few gears and start the climb!

Ledger at sunset with water tower in background

8. Ledger’s bike ramps top out at 66 ft above the ground at the sixth floor.

The photo ops from Ledger’s sixth floor are superb. Make sure your phone is charged. You’ll want more than one picture.

9. Ledger’s bike ramps make it the world’s first bikeable building!

The bike ramps will be a part of Bentonville’s larger biking ecosystem and downtown community. It’s just a few blocks from the square and (bonus fact) is the halfway point between Crystal Bridges and Momentary!

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