Drew Evans
M74 & Observatory, 2022

 Ledger Bentonville
“The Evans A & B”
Meeting Room 220 & 222



Drew Evans of Marion, Iowa, uses arc welding to transform bicycle parts and scrap metal into awe-inspiring works of sculpture.

Evans has been in the welding field since 2008. Skilled in various welding processes, including structural SMAW, food-grade stainless GTAW, and dual shield GMAW


I enjoy bringing life and beauty to what is often considered to be junk. I love working with scrap bicycle chains and sprockets in particular for a plethora of reasons, including the fact that they are highly conducive to geometric designs, and they come in a variety of metallic finishes that often take on colorful patinas when heated. I like to think of all of the thousands of miles they have carried riders on their journeys and the stories they may tell if they could talk.

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